Renault TWINGO



Dimensions (mm)
Description in the drawing
AAxle spacing2,492
BTotal length3,595
CFront protrusion630
DRear overhang473
EThe distance between the front wheels  1,452
GOverall width without mirrors1,646
HHeight without load1,554
H1Height, not loaded while back door is open1,967
JHigh threshold for luggage space without load793
KDistance from ground (with load)170
LCome into the knees in the second sitting row  136
PHeadroom at 14 degrees in the first front seats908
P1Headroom at 14 degrees in the second rear seats  855
ZHigh entrance into the luggage580
Z1Maximum loading length (from luggage compartment cover to rear seats, folded down)1,336
Z2Loading length behind seats (front / rear sofa)636
Z3Load length to dashboard2,315
Dimensions (mm)
Description in the drawing  
FDistance between rear wheels1,425
MWidth of elbows in the front seats  1,362
M1Rear elbow width1,325
NFront shoulders1,321
N1Rear seat shoulders1,284
YView the luggage bag from the top965/1,065
Y1View the luggage bag from below932
Y2Internal width between wheel housings  1,005
Luggage capacity
The capacity of the luggage bag under the shelf is in accordance with the standards of the German Automobile Association219/188 Liter
Maximum luggage capacity with folding rear seats (up to the roof)980 Liter

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