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Intellectual property, privacy protection and information security


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5. Renault Palestine does not collect information about you, unless you have contacted us and provided information, such as when contacting us for commercial and personal purposes, improvement of services and statistical purposes, etc. In this case, your information will be stored on our computers or on our computers. But we will not disclose to third party information or any information about you (as such details and information personally identifies you), but in the event a court order will be granted, the case in which Renault Palestine will face civil action and / or criminal liability for the act of you or anyone On your behalf, in a life-threatening situation and / or in any other case that allows the transmission of information under any law.

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7. You acknowledge and agree that the Site as a whole, including all information contained therein and / or any materials or information accessed through the Site, served and placed at your disposal AS (AS IS), specification and price models of any commodity or any other information, may This website is not updated at the time you expect and is maintained by Renault Palestine.