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Renault Twingo

Filled with elegance, spacious with 5 doors, with a small radius, it also enters the smallest parking lot in a non-Shalilian way, and has a powerful rear turbo charger.

New in Palestine! Renault Grand Coupe

The Renault Megane Grand Coupé displays the quality and design of the passenger compartment, the precise exterior design and the distinctive feeling that controls every element of the car.

Renault KANGOO

Renault offers you the new KANGOO: the perfect combination of a spacious commercial vehicle to suit your needs, a large family car and a comfortable weekend getaway that will accompany you wherever life takes you, and welcome you to learn about a new world ,. A world that integrates everything that is most important to you and allows you to live comfortably, without compromising on anything. Renault opens all doors for you.

Trafic   starting from 154,000 ₪ * The listed price includes VAT
Renault Trafic

Large and comfortable family car, the perfect combination of a spacious commercial car to suit your needs

ZOE   starting from ₪124,990
* The listed price includes VAT
Renault ZOE

New in Palestine! Renault ZOE.
Smooth and quiet driving experience combined with environmental protection and innovative technology. ZOE suits a wide range of needs: traveling in the city and out of town for short and long trips. The Renault, ZOE , tram saves you money: saving fuel costs, handling costs, and saving the environment from air pollution.

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