100% nouveau, 100% CAPTUR
Renault CAPTUR
DESIGN Sports SUV with sports lines
Athletic profile, sophisticated interior and fully customizable design with two shades.  The new CAPTUR is larger and more modern with all the characteristics of a sports SUV.  
Renault CAPTUR face-avant
Full LED C-Shape front and rear lights
The new CAPTUR is more elegant and with more technology at the front and rear, featuring a light signature in the shape of the letter C, which is a recognizable sign of Renault's identity.
Renault CAPTUR - Gamme
To each his own CAPTUR
You can adapt the design of the new CAPTUR to your taste with 90 possible configurations.
Renault CAPTUR - tableau de bord
Smart cockpit
The smart cab is equipped with a 23 cm (9.3 '') multimedia touch screen tailored to the driver, a 25 cm (10 '') digital instrument panel, an innovative floating console with a futuristic "E-shifter" gear lever, smart storage spaces and much more.
Renault CAPTUR
Renault  CAPTUR - levier de vitesse
Neat and fully customizable interior
The new CAPTUR has been completely redesigned.  It features a sophisticated and adaptable interior.  With 18 color combinations available, customize the new Captur to your liking.
Renault CAPTUR - habitacle
Bigger outside and inside
The new CAPTUR provides only the best to make the interior experience tailored to you.  Folding bench that can be moved by 16 cm, a record boot volume (up to 536 l) and numerous storage spaces (up to 27 l).


Create a vehicle that expresses your character

Stand out from the crowd!  With the new CAPTUR, we strive to reach the highest level of custom design, both in terms of exterior and interior.
Renault CAPTUR petit SUV extérieur
Customize the exterior (roof, mirrors, chassis protection) of the new CAPTUR to your liking with 90 possible combinations.
Renault CAPTUR - intérieur
... as inside
Customize the interior (instrument panel, upholstery, color inserts, decorative panels, armrests) of your new CAPTUR vehicle to your liking and with 18 possible combinations, design the cab to suit you.
Renault CAPTUR - tableau de bord
MULTI-SENSE to push back the limits of personalization
Use the MULTI-SENSE system to move the adjustment limits and choose between 3 driving modes (Eco, Sport, MySense) and 8 room lighting systems.  With MULTI-SENSE technology, you can adjust the new CAPTUR to suit your mood.
Renault CAPTUR


Discover a personalized experience

The new CAPTUR with modern easy-to-use technologies, a custom interior experience and unrivaled modularity adapts to your needs and desires, giving you a unique experience.
Renault CAPTUR - écran conducteur
State-of-the-art technology
Equipped with the latest technology to enhance the driving experience without compromising on safety, the new CAPTUR also paves the way for autonomous driving.  Enjoy a relaxed ride.
Renault CAPTUR - intérieur
Experience a custom interior
Smart cab, panoramic roof, spacious interior, spacious boot (up to 536 l *), sliding or folding rear bench, numerous storage spaces, the new CAPTUR adapts to your everyday life. 

* according to VDA standard

Are you ready for an adventure with the new Renault CAPTUR?