Arkana E-TECH hybride - SUV hybride Renault
Arkana also available as a hybrid
Fitted with innovative E-Tech hybrid technology, Arkana offers you unrivalled driving pleasure and excellent energy efficiency. Inspired by the world of motor sport, its self-charging hybrid powertrain offers the perfect blend of cost savings, performance and efficiency.
Arkana SUV hybrid - Renault exterior
unrivalled driving pleasure, maximum versatility
Always start up in electric drive and enjoy strong, responsive acceleration both in the city and on the open road.
Arkana SUV hybrid  - interior - Renault
up to 80% urban driving in electric
Enjoy the comfort of electric when driving around town. Reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40% (compared to an equivalent petrol engine) all while cutting down on CO2 emissions.
Arkana SUV hybrid   - exterior - Renault
no need for a plug or charging station
With its regenerative braking technology, Arkana E-Tech plug-in hybrid charges itself automatically as you drive. Activate "B" (Brake) Mode to optimise battery recharge.
Arkana SUV hybrid  - interior "e-shifter" gear lever - Renault
"e-shifter" gear lever
In the R.S. line version, Arkana E-Tech plug-in hybrid is fitted with an "e-shifter" gear lever for better ergonomics and even greater comfort.


find all the advantages of a spacious and sporty SUV

* when the rear bench seat is folded down.


versatile and efficient

Renault Arkana E-TECH hybrid - SUV hybrid exterior
up to 80% urban driving in electric
Arkana E-Tech hybrid makes your daily life electric! Drive around the city in full electric mode up to 80% of the time using innovative motorsport technology. Enjoy silence and comfort while cutting down your CO2 emissions and reducing fuel consumption by up to 40%*, compared to an equivalent petrol engine.        
Renault Arkana E-TECH hybrid - SUV hybrid exterior
simplifying your daily life
Regenerative braking charges the battery of your Arkana automatically as you drive, no plug or cables required. For even more freedom, activate "B" (Brake) mode. As soon as you lift your foot off the accelerator, your vehicle decelerates to a near stop, recovering as much electric energy as possible.
Renault Arkana E-TECH - SUV hybrid - exterior
unrivalled driving pleasure
Its 100% electric start-up provides instant responsiveness and a quiet drive that is efficient in all road conditions. Discover all new driving sensations whether on the open road or in the city. Enjoy the power of 145 hp and the responsiveness of 2 electric motors combined with the efficiency of a multi-mode gearbox.
* in WLTP urban cycle (subject to final approval).

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