Nouveau Renault CAPTUR

Sporty and customizable design


Let his appearance win you over

The new CAPTUR sports lines have all the characteristics of an SUV.


Everyone can design a new CAPTUR vehicle to their liking

Opt for the design of the new CAPTUR custom vehicle


Custom exterior design

Take advantage of the different color combinations of the new CAPTUR vehicle and design the exterior (roof, mirrors, chassis protection) of your new vehicle to your liking.


and custom interior design

Choose the interior to your liking.  From the upholstery to the armrest and the center panel on the instrument panel - choose your LOOK INTERIOR Package where you can choose between 3 unique colors (orange and light gray), or add color accents, where you can choose between 4 personalizations of the interior (blue, turquoise, red and orange).  

* En exclusivité dans sa version INITIALE PARIS. 



The smart cab is equipped with a 23 cm (9.3 '') multimedia touch screen tailored to the driver, a 25 cm (10 '') digital instrument panel, an innovative floating console with a futuristic "E-shifter" gear lever, smart storage places and much more.  Discover the technological interior of an exclusive design.
Renault CAPTUR

Quality as needed

Settle in a pleasant space, where quality comes first (top materials, foam edges, comfortable seats).

Smart storage places

Discover smart storage areas (glove compartment, storage areas in the center armrest, console and door).  Optimize the interior experience!
Renault CAPTUR

Bigger and better

Take advantage of the 536 l boot, the largest in its class.  Enjoy unique modularity thanks to the sliding and folding bench.
Renault CAPTUR


Discover related services - Renault EASY CONNECT, a new multimedia system that updates automatically.  Access content on the largest touch screen in its category, measuring as much as 23 cm (9.3 '').  We've simplified your daily life by searching for a destination in Google.

Are you ready for an adventure with the new Renault CAPTUR?