Renault KANGOO



Dimensions (mm)
Description in the drawing
  Grand Kangoo  
AAxle spacing2,6973,081
BTotal length4,282
CFront protrusion875875
DRear overhang710710
EThe distance between the front wheels1,5211,521
GOverall width with / without mirrors1,829/2,1381,829/2,138
HCar height without load1,8011,802
H1High car with open Alibaba luggage bag1,872/1,9341,878/1,902
JHigh sill luggage bag with / without blank554/615571/580
KDistance from ground (with load)158-211/141-178164-199/148-166
Q1Inner height from the back1,1551,115
ZHeight of storage box1,1151,129
Z1Minimum loading length6111,860
Z2Maximum loading length (folded rear seats)937/1,8031,328/2,210
Z2Maximum loading length (without row 3, row 2 and folded passenger seat)
Z3Length of passenger compartment (pedals - rear)1,7162,641
Dimensions (mm)
Description in the drawing
Kangoo  Grand Kangoo  
FDistance between rear wheels1,5331,533
MElbow space in the front seat1,5101,510
M1Elbow space in the back seat1,5391,539
NThe front seat shoulders1,4641,464
N1Shoulder area in the back seat1,5111,511
YView the entrance of the luggage bag from the top1,1051.105
Y1View the luggage bag from the inside1,125
Y2Internal width between wheel fenders1,1211,144
Luggage capacity
KANGOO  Grand Kangoo  
Minimum load size660 Liters300 liters
Maximum load capacity2,600 Liters3,400 Liters
With the third row in wallet mode-930 Liters
Without the third row-750 Liters