Renault ZOE

Technical specifications, additions and prices

Renault ZOE


Leadership group
 According to NEDC standard. It explains that the actual range of travel is lower and is affected, inter alia, by flight speed, vehicle driving nature, tire condition, terrain, use of accessories, and environmental conditions.

 R-Link Multimedia System
 Some of the multimedia system applications installed in this vehicle are not active in Palestine and / or cannot be updated and therefore the manufacturer or importer does not comply. 

 Bluetooth connection
 The compatibility of the mobile device with BLUETOOTH software is not valid for all devices, and the manufacturer is not obliged to do so.

Renault ZOE

Safety Accessories


Vehicle safety details:

  •  Airbags
  •  Control the deviation of the track 
  •  Remote control in front 
  •  Identification of vehicles in the "Dead Zone"
  •  Adaptive Cruise Control
  •  Identify pedestrians
  •  Reverse camera
  •  Seat belts
  •  Control the high lights
  •  Automatic emergency braking
  •  Identify traffic lights
  •  Identify a two-wheeled vehicle

    Renault ZOE

    Energy consumption and air pollution


    Power Consumption (Watts / h) Electric Motor (km) Km Zoe 161ZOE Z.E. 403 * 40


    Air pollution level of cars ** Minimum Pollution 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Maximum Pollution ** Index is calculated according to Clean Air Regulations, 5769-2009.

    * According to manufacturer's data. According to the Dubai Economic Development Center, it has been clarified that the actual driving range is less and is affected, among other things, by flight speed, driving nature, tire condition, terrain, accessory use, and environmental conditions.