Google multimedia system with openR link built-in

Google multimedia system with openR link built-in

Renault Scenic 

By offering to include its favourite apps, built-in Google¹ offers a practical driving experience that is customised and user-friendly with Google Maps², Google Assistant² and Google Play.  
You will need access to a data plan to use apps downloaded from Google Play. To do this, just share the phone’s connection with your Renault. You can also subscribe for a separate plan with our partner Orange (pay-as-you-go), where the first 3 GB are free (valid for 6 months).  
In all, more than 50 apps with interactive and dynamic content are available, including 11³ that are exclusive in partnership with Renault.
Ev route planner - Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
real-time navigation
With an overall surface area of 774 cm², the new generation Open R interface offers evermore accurate navigation. The electric route planner takes into account driver preferences and suggests appropriate routes according to the selected types of charging by finding the most optimal charging points. It automatically updates its data according to the actual consumption; if an obstacle is detected (traffic, roadworks, etc.), the journey is recalculated.
Voice control - Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric
voice control
openR link can be voice controlled with Google Assistant voice recognition. “Hey Google, show me charging points nearby”. Plan your journeys, set the temperature, change the driving mode - the voice assistant is there to listen. Keep your eyes on the road and easily start playing music, make calls, ask for information and activate some of the vehicle’s functions. 

¹ Google , Android Auto, Google Maps, Waze and other brands are trademarks of Google LLC.

²My Renault connected services, Google Maps and Google Assistant are free for 5 years from the date your vehicle is delivered.

³ depending on country