Step into the world of New MASTER Z.E.

Enjoy a relaxed drive at all times! New MASTER Z.E. Perfectly adapted to your urban driving needs.
Anneaux d-arrimage - MASTER Z.E.
Lashing rings and wooden floor
New MASTER Z.E. has everything you need to carry out your deliveries with complete peace of mind. There are between eight and twelve lashing rings - depending on the version - to help you secure your load. The non-slip floor covering the wooden floor secures and protects the loading area.
porte arrière - MASTER Z.E.
270° glazed rear door.
Opening at 270°, the rear door of New MASTER Z.E adapts to all types of logistics platform. Featuring a built-in magnet, it stays open without effort. The windows are fitted with a demisting function to always guarantee optimum visibility.
Volume de chargement - MASTER Z.E.
Loading volume and length
Long items to load? No problem! In its L3 panel van version, New MASTER Z.E. offers you up to 3.7m of usable length (or 4 Euro pallets) and up to 13m³ of usable volume. The platform cab version is modified for large volume and features over 20m³.
Rear parking sensor and rear view camera - MASTER Z.E.
Rear parking sensor and rear view camera
Parallel parking? No problem! 

The rear parking sensor warns you of any obstacles with an increasingly rapid series of beeps. In addition, a camera at the rear of the vehicle makes your manoeuvres even easier. 

With an image display on your interior rear-view mirror or your navigation screen, you can enjoy excellent visibility from the entire rear of the vehicle.
MASTER Z.E. - automatic gearbox
Automatic gearbox
For your comfort, New MASTER Z.E. includes an automatic gearbox that is smooth, flexible and silent.
Rain and light sensor - MASTER Z.E.
Rain and light sensor
Fitted with intelligent sensors, New MASTER Z.E. controls the lights and windscreen wipers autonomously. Everything for an easier drive!
Airbags - MASTER Z.E.
Passengers' protection
Front and side airbags, front seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters... New MASTER Z.E. allows you to benefit from the most modern and high performance security features on the market.
Contrôle de trajectoire ESC - MASTER Z.E.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
Enjoy a relaxed drive at all times! New MASTER Z.E. is fitted with the new generation Electronic Stability Program as standard. It combines three technologies: traction control (ASR), understeer control logic and Hill Start Assist.
Hill Start Assist - MASTER Z.E.
Hill Start Assist
Also standard on New MASTER Z.E., Hill Start Assist allows you to move off with peace of mind, even on steep hills.


Spice up your journeys and navigate with ease with your R-LINK Evolution multimedia system.
Make calls with ease and in full safety thanks to R-LINK Evolution! When the car is stationary, dial a number or browse your contacts on the large touchscreen. When driving, use the voice recognition feature. Just say your contact's name to call them. And syncing couldn't be easier! When you enter your New MASTER Z.E., R-LINK Evolution automatically updates your contacts.
Enjoy TomTom connected navigation and its wide range of LIVE services. TomTom Traffic gives you access to the best possible traffic information in real time. With Z.E. Trip, accessible from R-LINK Evolution, you can view the nearest charging points to where you are or your destination and check their availability in real time.
Make life easier with the pre-installed R-LINK Evolution apps: email, R-LINK Tweet, weather, Renault Assistance, etc. You can also visit the R-LINK Store to download dozens of applications to suit your needs.